Ronald Samuels, a proud South African, entrepreneur and natural leader. Demonstrated through a rich career in various distribution leadership roles within the financial services sector in Southern Africa over the last 30 years. When his contract expired after 5 years in 2023 where he held his last position in the corporate world as the CEO of Botswana Life Insurance Ltd. in Gaborone, Botswana.


Ronald has taken over the reigns full time of his company SA Karoo Industries (Pty) Ltd. SA Karoo Industries, a truly South African company is the holding company for four diverse businesses. The first being RS Consultancy, specializing in offering financial services client’s custom-made holistic solutions for their distribution businesses. The second business is Rolling Hills Farmstead an Overberg farm providing sheep wool for the export market and the sought after Overberg Lamb for the South African consumers. There is an exciting new development on Rolling Hills and that is the addition of guest accommodation coming soon that will offer clients from and visiting Cape Town (90min) from the farm an opportunity to get a way in the lovely valley nestled between Caledon and Hermanus in the Western Cape.


The third and fourth business is an electro muscular stimulation (EMS) business called Body20 situated in Paarl and Hermanus, this is the future of fitness, providing its clients with cutting edge technology to train in that in the 20min session not only saves clients valuable time but is equivalent to 4 hours intensive training in a conventional gym.


Over and above all Ronald is a published author, his memoir The Bitter Olive to show that we always have choices, no matter what the circumstances. His story, told simply, yet eloquently, emphasizes what the human spirit can overcome; that it is not what has happened to you that counts in the end, but what it is you do about it that matters.

“Being challenged in life is inevitable, being defeated is optional.” – Roger Crawford

South Africa 1978. It is a time when draconian laws and deep-seated prejudice care little for the love and ties of family. When the colour of your skin determines where you live, who you marry and even where you sit on the bus.

This is one man’s story of a childhood that ended abruptly at the age of nine, when despite every kind of intervention, he is transplanted from his idyllic middle-class upbringing in leafy Pretoria, to the alien surroundings of the Cape Flats. Forced to leave his devastated parents, siblings, grandparents and the only life he has ever known, Ronald Samuels is adopted by a coloured family, and so begins a new chapter, one in which he will need all his stamina, resilience and grit. But as we know, it is not what is on the outside that matters. Ronald finds his inner strength and despite the odds, discovers his purpose - finding friendship and even love in his new surroundings. Reconnecting with his family and achieving in the army give him the leverage he needs to build an exceptional career.

The purchase of a guest house situated on an olive farm in the Karoo presents Ronald with an intriguing metaphor for his life story. The first fruit of an olive tree is essentially inedible, its bitterness an effective defense mechanism. However, once the olives are cured and treated not only do they become palatable, they are considered a delicacy. So too the child plucked from his home, who could have succumbed to bitterness and lawlessness, but instead, through the support, discipline and encouragement of others and an innate determination, became a significant contributor to society and an inspiration to those who have suffered the same unpardonable injustice wrought by the Apartheid system.



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